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The filmworks of
Sasha Santiago

True stories of remarkable individuals captivate our enthusiasm. In this exciting era for storytellers, the mind-blowing web3 tools and advantages available to creators are abundant. However, the key to remarkable filmworks goes beyond a shed packed with tools. Originality is king. 

With over 20 years of experience in the indie film space, Santiago's Super Dream Indie exemplifies this ethos, storifying the journeys of individuals and groups revitalizing communities, demonstrating how narratives can unite communities and effect positive change.

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The Spirit of Indie Roots

Making films is like doing magic. Even with a clear plan, a lot is up to chance. The best films show their true selves as you make them, a journey that doesn't always go as planned but is still personal. Still, it's a satisfying, hardworking adventure, with each day bringing its unique set of charming problems needing to be solved in a creative way.

Moonshine Films served as an experiment era in pushing for outcomes that seem unreachable using traditional methods. You learn to make films by building films with the tools and resources on hand. 


For two decades, Moonshine Films served as Santiago's filmmaking moniker. Originating in South Florida, it ventured through LA and notably thrived on the bustling streets of NYC. The ethos was straightforward: create DIY films by any means necessary, driven by no particular rationale other than, we must do it. 

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Santiago crafted numerous ambitious features, yet bringing them to life often requires both a budget, dedicated team and strategic distribution plan. The unpredictable nature of the film industry means that, at times, a lack of funds hinders these creative works from evolving beyond the script. Ultimately, it's all about timing.

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Santiago actively engages in collaborations beyond the realm of film, exploring diverse mediums with fellow visionaries. The ability to collaborate across various creative spaces is not just an opportunity; it's a chance to broaden horizons and expand artistic possibilities.

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