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March 2024


Embark on a journey through the heart of Portland, Oregon, as 'Keepers of Portland' delves into the vibrant tapestry of the city's past and present. Celebrating the trailblazers and local heroes who shape its identity and community life, each episode offers an intimate exploration of Portland's rich cultural heritage and the individuals who keep its spirit weird and humble.


This original show is produced by

Sasha Santiago

  • Youtube
  • Instagram

Pilot Show Concept:


Produced by Sasha Santiago, Keepers Of Portland is a show that explores a city's cultural past and future through diverse voices and storytelling, celebrating its heritage, innovation, and people.


Each episode of 'Keepers of Portland' introduces you to storytellers, each with their own unique connection to this dynamic city. From jazz roots to iconic music venues, from spirits distillers to bespoke hat makers, car salesmen and non-profit organizations, these narratives paint a vivid picture of Portland's cultural tapestry, bridging the gap between generations and inspiring a newfound appreciation for the city's storied past.


'Keepers of Portland' celebrates innovation, spotlighting forward-thinking individuals and grassroots initiatives propelling the city forward. From community leaders to vintage curators, these stories showcase Portland's creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.


At its core, 'Keepers of Portland' is an invitation to engage, support, and participate in the ongoing narrative of an extraordinary town - embracing the unique spirit of Portland.


Release Plan for March 2024:


'Keepers of Portland' will be intricately connected, urging viewers to find subsequent parts on varied platforms. Each segment offers diverse views, leaving viewers wanting more. Ending with teasers, they prompt seeking the next installment. Moving smoothly across web, social media, and events ensures a seamless view. Linking segments and platforms builds anticipation, driving a collective local viewership to seek out more.


Sasha Santiago:


Santiago is an award-winning writer/director with over 20 years of experience in video storytelling and community building. His filmmaking expertise spans from scripted dramas to documentaries, covering classical music, the energy industry, and social justice initiatives. Recently settling in Portland, Santiago is captivated by the city's unique artisanal and cultural vibe. As he embarks on his journey to uncover the magic of Portland, he's producing a show to immerse himself in its essence and better understand its allure.


Calling businesses and inspired brands based in Portland, Oregon! If you're passionate about preserving the essence of the past and want to showcase your unique offerings, we want to hear your story. We're currently casting for local businesses, artisans and community staples who could be a perfect fit for our program. Don't miss out on this opportunity to share your story and be a part of something truly special. Get in touch with Santiago today to learn more about how you can participate.

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